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Arcade Battersea: New food brands announced alongside three full restaurant concepts

Arcade Battersea will bring a host of new concepts to southwest London, alongside familiar brands from Centre Point

<p>Power Station: Battersea Arcade will be replete with dining options</p>

Power Station: Battersea Arcade will be replete with dining options

/ Arcade

he second iteration of Arcade food hall will open in Battersea Power Station in July, bringing brands made famous at the original site in Centre Point to southwest London.

Arcade, which first launched on Tottenham Court Road in 2019 and relaunched in partnership with the restaurant group JKS last year, has revealed new concepts for Battersea, with 13 different cuisines.

Among the newcomers are brands such as Phed Power, serving Thai stir fries and salads from the Isan region; a Cantonese concept called Siu Siu, centered on the food of Hong Kong; and Leccami Gelato, an Italian-style gelateria.

Existing brands such as the Indian street food vendor Hero, and the Middle Eastern-inspired Shatta & Toum will also be in residence.

As well as the takeaway stands to be eaten in communal areas, Arcade Battersea will house three restaurants, including the first from the US-style smash burger joint Manna.

Various flavours: there will be 13 types of cuisine at the new food hall

/ Arcade

New dishes like the hot bonnet fish filay, where fried fish is topped with hot sauce and served on a bed of lettuce, and a fried chicken and hash brown burger are on the way, as is founder Feroz Gajia’s take on a fast food apple pie.

Gajia said the food is supposed to sound a little familier: “The core of Manna is simplicity. Simple, delicious burgers and fried chicken. The dishes feel like something you have had before, they are comforting, never disappointing.

“We have spent time going through each ingredient in every dish, testing every possible combination to achieve deliciousness.”

Also upcoming is Solis, a new chicken and steak concept from Ana Gonçalves and Zijun Meng, the pair behind TĀ TĀ Eatery, and a BAO, one of JKS’ most successful restaurants to date.

Many of the new restaurant ideas came about through Arcade Create, a development platform with JKS that helps chefs and entrepreneurs launch new brands.

JKS co-founder Karam Sethi said: “Following successful brand launches at Arcade Centre Point, I’m looking forward to introducing a new collection of brands which the Arcade Battersea team will bring to life in their new home."

Arcade Battersea, 1st Floor, Boiler House, Battersea Power Station, SW11 8DD,

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