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3m Wagner leader launches rebellion in ‘significant challenge to Russia’
10h Heat health warning as London set to be hottest part of UK
10h Arctic Monkeys close Glastonbury after Foo Fighters surprise slot
<p>Inflation is more than four times the Bank of England’s target </p>

Inflation won’t disappear on its own. It’ll take a recession

City voices: Without economic pain, nothing changes

<p>Governor Andrew Bailey says there will be “difficulty and pain” for many people from higher mortgages (Jordan Pettitt/PA)</p>

Bank of England and lenders are pulling in the opposite direction

City comment: As long as the Government keeps applying pressure to lower borrowing costs, bank shares are a clear sell


Bank of England: When will interest rates go down?

The Bank of England confirmed an increase in the base rate to its highest level since 2008


What if all this interest rate pain brings no gain on inflation?

City comment: Most rate-setters don’t have mortgages. How hard it is to pay one might be passing them by.


Bank of England mulls interest rate ‘jumbo hike’ amid inflation spiral

With inflation stuck at 8.7%, economists said a jump straight to 5% interest rates might be needed


Maybe a house price crash is just what our society needs

City Comment: Perhaps this shock to the market is overdue


Public expects inflation to fall to just 3.5% by next May

Inflation expectations were down from 3.9% in the previous survey


Fundamentals need fixing to save the IPO revival

City comment: Global confidence in UK capital markets remains low


ECB ups inflation forecasts as it hikes rates by quarter point

It now expects inflation to be even higher than previously thought.


Mortgage panic leads purchases to fall through as HSBC pulls loans

Yesterday afternoon HSBC became the latest top player to pull its loans


Eurozone entered mild recession over winter, revised figures show

GDP dipped by 0.1% in back-to-back quarters, which is the shallowest recession possible


Homebuilding decline will only make London’s housing crisis worse

City comment: The sharp decline in residential building is a relief to homeowners… but a big problem for those trying to get on the property ladder


Interest rate fears drive fastest housebuilding decline in three years

The data “will send a chill down the spine of the UK economy”, economist Dr John Glen said


It’s still too much of a man’s world leading business

City comment: progress on gender diversity appears to be glacially slow


Weakening consumer finances show the need for investment not subsidies

Policy subsidies, take up a great deal of government time and obscure the underlying issue which is making us collectively poorer


Retail sales rebound as high street defies ‘cataclysmic predictions’,

Growth was ahead of expectations at 0.5%, according to today’s official figures


How giant pieces of spyware are shaping our views and our world

City Voices: We deserve the right to live our digital lives on our own terms


If we don’t build more and secure TfL funding, London will fall behind

City voices: London has always bounced back, but it needs a new vision to do so, John Dickie writes


Home repossessions are up 50%. Should we be worried?

City Comment: It’s not the Nineties again, but repossessions tell us a lot about the level of serious debt pain in the economy


Pocket money beats inflation, rising to £6.42 per week

Six-year-olds saw the biggest rise in their pocket money, receiving £3.94 per week


Bank of England governor: We couldn’t have pre-empted inflation crisis

Bailey said the only way to have prevented soaring inflation would have been to hike rates “well into double-digits” at the height of the pandemic


What is the ‘tourism tax’ affecting London and how might it change?

Businesses are urging the prime minister to reinstate tax-free shopping for tourists


Cooling in jobs market reduces Bank of England rate hike pressure

The unemployment rate for the January to March quarter rose 0.1% to 3.9%


Supermarkets investigated over food and fuel prices

The findings will likely trigger further claims that big companies are profiting off the cost-of-living crisis via ‘greedflation’


Economy might be stalling, but be thankful for our strong job market

City Comment: The GDP graph is now barely flickering, but remarkably few people are involuntarily out of work