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Gadgets & Tech
Gadgets & Tech

Best new Amazon Echo smart speakers for 2023

AI-embracing and bone-idle Alexa over-user, Stuart Pritchard, eagerly orders about Amazon’s four new Echo options…

Gadgets & Tech

Best 3D printed buys for tech-savvy shoppers

From sunglasses to sneakers, the 3D market is taking over


Best gifts for him: Presents for men who have everything

PSA: Sunday, June 18 is Father’s Day. In dire need of gift inspiration? Click this way


Best pool dining tables to buy in the UK

Moving past playing with his food, Stuart Pritchard cues up the freshest trend in fun furniture: pool dining tables


Nothing Ear (2) Headphones review

You’ll be smiling from ear to ear

Gaming and TV

Best tall stands for your TV

Raise your home entertainment game

Gaming and TV

Best handheld gaming consoles 2023

Stuart Pritchard gets all fingers and thumbs with five of the finest handheld gaming consoles available today…

Gadgets & Tech

Best security cameras for smarter, safer homes

Seven of the smartest and most accessible CCTV cameras about…

Gadgets & Tech

Best electronic drum kits for beginners

Beat it! For those that dream of belting out a drum solo, the best kits await

Gadgets & Tech

Best cheap smartwatches to shop in 2023

From Fitbit to Garmin, here are the cheap smartwatches worth buying


Best camping cooking equipment for a great portable setup

Fine dining in a field? It can be done with the right kit


Best wired in-ear headphones for quality whatever your budget

Avid ear-filler Stuart Pritchard wades into the world of wired in-ear headphones and selects today’s most superlative personal sound-makers

Home & Garden

Best wine coolers: Stylish fridges to keep your drinks cold

Freestanding, integrated and under the counter wine coolers to nail your at-home bar

Gaming and TV

Best Amazon Fire TVs to buy now for every budget

Stuart Pritchard gets all upfront and aflame with Amazon’s new in the UK Fire TV range…


Best computer monitors of 2023: Ideal for work or gaming

All-day desk-driving screen-starer, Stuart Pritchard, sets his over-experienced square-eyes on seven desirable displays…

Gaming and TV

ES Best TV buying guide: How to choose the right screen for you

Looking for a small screen star? Don’t shop for one without reading this first

Gadgets & Tech

Best shredders to guard your privacy

Keep sensitive documents safe with these reliable machines

Gadgets & Accessories

Best smart luggage of 2023: Clever cases with extra features

Combining travel and technology, these smart suitcases were created to make heading on holiday as seamless as possible


Best cordless strimmers to keep your garden tidy

These cordless tools guarantee perfectly precise lawn edges


Best cordless lawn mowers for getting the garden in seasonal shape

Casting away the cords and gambolling into the garden backed only by battery, Stuart Pritchard cuts a swathe into modern-day lawn mowing…

Gadgets & Tech

6 best personal robots you can buy in 2023

Stuart Pritchard champions the robot revolution with advanced droids designed to entertain, educate and even keep you company…