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3m Wagner leader launches rebellion in ‘significant challenge to Russia’
10h Heat health warning as London set to be hottest part of UK
10h Arctic Monkeys close Glastonbury after Foo Fighters surprise slot
Health & Fitness
<p>Practice yoga in India at Six Senses Vana </p>
The Escapist

The world’s best fitness and yoga retreats

Refresh body and mind at these first-rate worldwide escapes, set in spectacular surrounds — from Spain to Sri Lanka

The Escapist

How to survive London’s ‘potent’ pollen bomb

If you thought last year was bad for hay fever sufferers, this summer promises much the same misery as the UK is given red alert pollen warnings. Giulia Crouch and Martha Alexander have remedies

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A war on ageing — meet the USA’s top biohacker

Ben Greenfield is the cult health guru exploring ways to extend and enhance human life. As he visits London to spread the word, Will Hosie discovers he’s also preaching a new kind of parenting

The Escapist

Berberine — nature’s Ozempic or health food fad?

It’s touted as the natural alternative to the weight loss drug Ozempic, but is berberine as effective and safe as its army of TikTok fans would have us believe, asks Martha Alexander


‘Depression, headaches and mood swings — the Pill ruined my twenties’

Body-altering and debilitating, it’s a disgrace we still prescribe the same Pill that’s been around since the Sixties

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Could this little device help you live for longer?

Glucose monitors are a status symbol among the fitterati, but do they work? Rosie Fitzmaurice puts one to the test

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The Gender Health Gap: the scandal of sexism in medicine

Dr Marieke Bigg’s new book on the gender health gap is inspired by her own experiences of medical inequality, she explains to Claire Cohen

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Always tired? Deep hibernate your way to happiness

New research says humans should sleep more than we do during the cold months, reports Sarah Rainey

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Can hypnosis fix my failing fitness routine?

Many of us have already given up on our workout resolutions. Claire Cohen tries out a new class which uses a surprising technique to boost motivation

The Escapist

Is male fertility in crisis?

Sperm counts are plummeting and scientists have declared it a threat to mankind’s survival. But from new accurate at-home tests to sperm freezing, men can take control of their fertility, says Claire Cohen

London Life

How to treat a spider bite and symptoms to look out for

With the death of a student last year after a spider bite, it is good to know what action you should take if you are bitten.

The Escapist

How to exercise on a hangover

Top trainers and experts on what works the morning after — and what doesn’t. By Charlie Gowans-Eglinton

Health & Fitness

How to survive a Barry's Bootcamp 'Hell Week'

Seven savage workouts in seven days. Survival requires some tactics, says Chloe Street

The Escapist

Peloton for rowing: Is the new £1,400 Hydrow Wave worth the money?

The at-home rowing brand just launched a smaller, cheaper (and more colourful) ‘Wave’ model for fitness fanatics counting the pennies amid the cost-of-exercising crisis. Katie Strick takes it for a spin

Health & Fitness

The best new fitness classes to try now

New season, new routine. From low-impact HIIT workouts to Pilates’ sweaty new big sister, Juliana Piskorz has a guide to the smartest fitness classes to book this autumn

The Escapist

Why Apple focused on London for its Fitness+ trainers

Apple’s trainers share their tips to help you reset your fitness after the summer break

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Thank you, Deborah James — here’s how to talk to someone with cancer

Lucy King says many friends avoided her after her cancer news in 2020 for fear of saying the wrong thing. Here, she offers five tips for speaking to someone with the disease (spoiler: saying something is always better than nothing)

Health & Fitness

VB lifts weights now and you should too — a guide to getting started

As the designer says she’s transformed her workouts in order to become curvier, Rosie Fitzmaurice on the strength workouts and training tips you need to know

The Escapist

Inside the HRT crisis driving women to the brink

As Sajid Javid enlists members of the Covid vaccine taskforce to urgently fix the hormone replacement therapy shortage, Claire Cohen reports on a national health emergency

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Prenatal depression: My pregnancy blindsided me — where’s the support?

Filmmaker Katharina Koall felt hopeless and alone while pregnant with her fourth child — until her neighbour introduced her to cold-water swimming. She hopes her documentary about the experience will help other expectant mothers who are struggling

Fitness wear

Best sweat-wicking activewear to keep you feeling fresh all day long

Activewear pieces designed to wick workout-induced perspiration away, no sweat

The Escapist

Where to get gait analysis for running shoes in London

Training for any race starts with the right shoes, Rosie Fitzmaurice has the top spots for gait analysis in London

The Escapist

How to nail your marathon training, according to the experts

From finding your rhythm to setting your goals, seasoned runners share their top tips

The Escapist

So, does the 12-3-30 viral TikTok treadmill workout actually work?

Looking for a simple cardio workout that delivers? We’ve asked an expert and this walking gym routine is an effective way to burn calories

The Escapist

Reverse running — have you tried the hottest new workout trend?

The fitterati’s latest trick? Running in the opposite direction. Katie Strick trials the trend (without falling over)

The Escapist

7 DIY health test kits for winter wellbeing

From Numan’s finger-prick MOT kit to Medichecks’ fitness blood test, these are the health checks you can order to your door

The Escapist

London’s best gyms, fitness classes and boutique studios for 2022

From Michelle Obama’s favourite workout to female-only weight-lifting facilities, Rosie Fitzmaurice has a definitive guide to the best spaces to workout in this year

The Escapist

Toxic positivity is the new #FirstWorldProblems

WhatsApp groups across the capital are getting a little bit too #hashtag grateful, Kerry Potter on why we don’t need to be positive all of the time

The Escapist

Meet the TikTok therapists offering free mental health advice

Legions tune into their bitesized broadcasts on burnout and anxiety. Katie Strick meets the psychologists going viral

The Escapist

Let’s go! Your ultimate 2022 fitness guide

New year, new you starts here. From London’s micro-gyms to why climbing is the new sculpting cardio the A-list loves, fitness aficionado Katie Strick has your January reboot sorted

The Escapist

The ultimate fitteratti Christmas gift guide

From ultra-light trainers to clever smartwatches, Katie Strick has a festive wishlist

The Escapist

Why have so many people taken up smoking during lockdown?

Taking up smoking in her 30s wasn’t part of the plan, but as Alexandra Jones found, during the past year or so, she wasn’t alone

The Escapist

Pulling power: Why rowing is the new spinning

Step away from the Peloton — there’s a new calorie-torching, shoulder-sculpting routine the fitterati loves, says Katie Strick