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Home Accessories

Best portable air coolers tried and tested

Cooler than a fan, and more cost-effective than air-con: is this your hot weather saviour?


Best vegetable racks for seamless kitchen storage

Your five a day just got a little more organised

Home Accessories

Best floating wood shelving for seamless wall storage

Brackets, be gone! Shop our pick of the floating wood shelves we’re pine-ing for


Best dog food for allergies in 2023

Changing up your pup’s diet can help with their allergies

Household Appliances

Best Miele vacuums in 2023 tested and compared

The sweet guide to Miele’s collection of powerful dirt-suckers


Womanizer Wave review: does the in-shower sex toy get the big O?

Finally, an adult toy that you can leave out even if your nan pops round! The question, asks Abha Shah, is will it deliver those crashing waves, or leave you high and dry?

Household Appliances

Best air purifiers to breathe easy at home

Constantly seeking to clear the air, Stuart Pritchard powers up the best air purifiers and also plonks down some plants

Household Appliances

Best condenser tumble dryer to buy in 2023

Avoid the misery of being moist this season with the consummate condenser for your clothes

Home & Garden

Best natural cleaning products

Keep your home clean and fresh without harmful chemicals

Household Appliances

Eufy by Anker RoboVac X8 Hybrid review

With floor mapping and a mop feature, could this RoboVac mean I never need to clean floors myself again?

Home Accessories

Best filament light bulbs for instant ambience

Flip the switch on boring, bright white lighting with our pick of decorative filament light bulbs that’ll become the focal point of any room

Outdoor Furniture

Garden furniture sales: the best deals on outdoor furniture

Fancy sprucing up your outdoor space? See the best deals and discounts available now


Best mini greenhouses to scale up your gardening efforts

Proof that you don’t need acres of land to embrace your inner Alan Titchmarsh 


Best lawn feed spreaders for lush grass this summer

Bring your lawn to life with the best grass seed spreaders for the season ahead

Outdoor Furniture

Best eco-friendly tents that are made from recycled materials

Made from recycled materials, these tents offer a sustainable choice for the great outdoors


Best mattress deals for June 2023

Find the best new mattress deals for the month right here

Kitchen Appliances

Best budget air fryers under £100 tried and tested

Cooking crisp, tasty food faster than the oven, it’s no wonder air fryers are TikTok’s top kitchen appliance. Here’s how to get your own without breaking the bank.