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2m Wagner leader launches rebellion in ‘significant challenge to Russia’
10h Heat health warning as London set to be hottest part of UK
10h Arctic Monkeys close Glastonbury after Foo Fighters surprise slot
<p>Yin yoga can help calm the mind with slower poses </p>

Yin, mandala and dharma: how to choose the right yoga practice for you

Bored of the same old flow? Here’s an expert-approved guide to elevating your practice

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RAKxa retreat: ‘I left lighter, fitter, calmer and more centred’

From hormone screening to singing bowl meditation, Mary Lussiana checks in to Asia’s first wellness centre to seamlessly combine Western medical treatments with holistic Eastern practices


The best podcasts to help you relax after a stressful day

From mindfulness to boundary-pushing TED talks, there’s a wealth of podcasts to try out 

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Take the plunge: 10 best cold-water swimming retreats

Ready to dip a toe into the world of cold-water swimming? These retreats in the UK and beyond provide full immersion in a safe space, says Alicia Miller

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How to master booze-free socialising for a hot, sober spring

From sober-friendly pubs and dry discos, to navigating dating teetotal — here’s how to still have all the fun minus hangovers this season


Dry January: five women on how giving up booze changed their lives

A clear head, better sleep and renewed energy levels... are you sober curious?

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The best wellness weekends near London — to book now

From a laid-back spa afternoon with wellness trimmings to a fully-fledged, holistic health and fitness reboot – kick the January blues with a little self care


8 books to read for better mental health

From eating what you want to learning how to re-connect with your community, here are the Shelf Help Club’s recommended reads to boost your mental health

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Best therapy apps for managing your mental health at home

From AI therapists to platforms that let you video-chat with a professional counsellor, these are the best apps to add to your mental health toolkit


The Great Fatigue: Third of Londoners fear they’re heading for burnout

Regular activity, opening up to friends and a coffee break are among the suggested ways for Londoners to fight burnout


5 things a brain doctor does every day to stay mentally sharp

Neuroscientist Dr Tara Swart shares her five pillars of wellness


Intuitive fasting is like a ‘yoga class for your metabolism’

Forget the 5:2, a flexible metabolism is the goal of Dr Will Cole’s eating regime. Rosie Fitzmaurice investigates yoga for digestion


Why it’s time to start spiking your coffee with mushrooms

Wellness types are adding shrooms to everything from coffee to skincare, Rosie Fitzmaurice asks the experts


The best winter walks in London

Stretch your legs on one of these pretty city routes, says Rosie Fitzmaurice


14 self-help books to get you through times of uncertainty and change

In search of some guidance to get you through all this ? Wellness warriors share their top reads

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Can you use anxiety as a superpower?

Adrenaline running high? Good — it can supercharge your life and career, says Rosie Fitzmaurice


Maisie Hill: ‘Menopause is a window of opportunity for radical change’

From lifting weights to people-pleasing, Rosie Fitzmaurice talks to Maisie Hill about the dos and don’ts of preparing for menopause


A week at Viva Mayr: inside world’s most exclusive wellness clinic

Madeleine Spencer heads to the famous detox clinic loved by Liz Hurley, Karlie Kloss and Naomi Campbell to see if its ‘Cure’ can restore her energy


Art for happiness - how culture can keep us healthy and sane (mostly)

The Wellcome Collection is exploring happiness in its new dual exhibitions, but what role can museums and culture play in maintaining our mental health?


Let’s talk about tits: Jackie Adedeji on her new podcast Boob Share

If you’ve ever had a weird relationship with your boobs, new podcast Boob Share might change that

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How to be happy, not perfect

When Poppy Jamie found herself in hospital with burnout, she realised her toxic perfectionism was to blame. Now she preaches the power of ‘flexible thinking’ — Rosie Fitzmaurice learns more


Best open water and wild swimming spots in and around London

Dive in, unwind and de-stress with a swim in the wild. Rosie Fitzmaurice shows you the best places to hit the open water


Are you ready for pussy yoga?

How zen is your pelvic floor? Yogi Coco Berlin tells Rosie Fitzmaurice the secret of health, happiness and better orgasms


13 best UK wellness retreats in 2021

From wild camping to woodland foraging, it’s time to unwind at a soul-nourishing outdoorsy retreat says Rosie Fitzmaurice


My life-changing weekend at Iceland’s Deplar Farm

Arctic plunges, Norse saunas, hikes in the dark and axe throwing. Lizzie Pook frees her feelings at a healing retreat

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Do you have 2021-induced burnout?

The career coach says her burnout bible offers a “radical” approach to redesigning your life post-pandemic


London's best super salons

Fancy a massage and a mani and an acai bowl and blow dry all at the same time? You're in luck...


First look: Barbara Sturm opens debut London spa

She pioneered the vampire facial and both Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham have her on speed-dial. Now, the super-facialist is coming to the capital

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The Gut Stuff: Why it’s time to talk about poo

London, how do you poo? Giulia Crouch meets Alana and Lisa Macfarlane, the DJs on a mission to shake up our microbiome


Hershesons salon launches campaign to give NHS nurses free haircuts

“It’s a way of thanking our NHS nurses for putting their lives on the line and celebrating everything the British hair industry has to offer in what we hope will be a new chapter for us all.”


Can you make yourself a morning person?

Sleep hygiene and your circadian rhythm explained


Could sleeping in separate bedrooms save your relationship?

More and more couples are choosing to sleep apart, Suzannah Ramsdale thinks they’re onto something


Why you need to start caring for the microbiome in your mouth

From tongue scraping to water flossing and the active ingredients not to miss, experts share their top tips for oral hygiene


Why’s everyone taking ice baths all of a sudden?

Blasting yourself with freezing cold water for just a few minutes a day can improve focus, increase energy and reduce stress. Rosie Fitzmaurice finds out more

Wellness ‘I transformed my life: now I just crave juice’

The musician-turned-entrepreneur talks to Rosie Fitzmaurice about anxiety around the new Covid variants and how it’s affecting his sleep patterns  

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Best super supplements to take this winter

January left you running on empty? From boosting your brain power to getting your glow back, Joanna Taylor presents her pick of pills to pop

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The wellness trends to look out for in 2021

Well-being has never been more important. From mood-enhancing supplements and stress-tracking tech  to sleepscapes and infrared saunas,  these are the health and wellness trends to try now, says Evie Leatham