Baker hits back at ‘petty’ email saying her shop ‘wasn’t right for the area’

A baker has shared a look at the negative side of running a business, posting a rude email complaint she received on social media for all to see.

Evie Jackson, who owns Doe Bakehouse in York, took to Instagram to post a screenshot of a ‘petty’ message she was sent by a woman known only as Angie.

In the message, Angie admits she hasn’t even been to the bakery but claims she’s been “put off” by the look of the colourful doughnuts and is “disappointed” with the shop as it’s “not something you would expect in the area”.

Evie admits she was stunned to receive the “petty” email and reading it made her heart sink.

The email from Angie read: “Hello. I have just seen your new shop and decided to do some research. How can you have a rating of five stars when you are not yet open?

“I looked at what donuts are available, are rather off-putting already. Then I looked at the clothing range! Not exactly something you would expect in the York area.

“Who do you think you will attract? Disappointed of Layerthorpe.”

Evie, who lives in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, believes it was sent by a “perpetually offended” local rather than an actual customer.

She said: “It was gut-wrenching, despite how ridiculous it was.

“She obviously wasn’t a customer. In her email, she was asking how we have five stars even though we’re not open.

“If she’d been a customer, she would have known that we’ve been open since last summer.

“But it hits you straight away when you get a message like that.

“Obviously, the good thing about feedback is that you can improve from it, but ultimately this email was not something we could learn from. I honestly don’t even really understand what she was complaining about.

“What did she expect to say? Oh sure, we’ll close forever because you hate us.”

The 28-year-old business owner opened up the Doe Bakehouse last summer and it is one of two bakeries she operates in the Yorkshire region, with the other being in Harrogate.

She shared a screenshot of the email on Doe Bakehouse’s Instagram, alongside a cheeky caption, saying: “On a scale of 1-10 are you as angry as Angie, or are you feeling Friday fresh?”

The post quickly went viral, with many of her customers sharing kind messages and branding Angie “rude”.

Evie says she was happy to see that her business picked up a lot of support online in the wake of the email.

“That was one of the reasons I put this up on Instagram, I wanted people to see what we have to put up with.

“But I also wanted to hear what our followers’ perspective would be.

“Everybody’s just been saying how ridiculous this complaint was, and they’re not sure what she’s on about either.

“In hindsight, I can see the funny side of it because of how petty it was. But obviously at first, I had that sinking feeling. Your brain automatically goes ‘Does everybody think this?’.

“I would like to meet her, to see what type of person she is. But then I also think, maybe she’s not the type of person I’d want to meet.”