“Nightmare” Gothic house for sale with themed bar leaves people confused

A seemingly normal property listing with a highly unusual interior has attracted a lot of attention on social media.

The house on sale for £168,000 ($225,000) in Baltimore, U.S, features an interior “fit for a vampire” with its own cemetery-themed bar in the garden.

The house, which has one bedroom and one bathroom, even comes with a 1972 hearse if the buyer fancies it.

Potential buyers were left open-mouthed by the dramatic interior – which heavily features black and white fixtures – and an unusual bedroom with a Gothic mirrored ceiling.

But also slightly confused about the “mish-mash” mix of framed football jerseys alongside the horror memorabilia.

In the living room, a three-dimensional fixture of a ghost reaching out hangs from the wall, along with a coffin by the stairs and a picture of a guillotine.

The horror-themed house was designed by owner Billy Nicholson, 54, who told the local paper that it was his “twisted imagination coming to life.”

He told the Baltimore Sun: “Everything was off the top of my head. You’re not going to find any place like it.”

He said he decided on the theme after spotting a pair of cemetery gates leaning up against a barn.

The 54-year old went on to buy headstones and installed a cemetery-themed bar with a mural on the side of a garage.

On social media, lots of people were intrigued by the black basement, which appeared to have been recently emptied before photos were taken for the listing.

Estate agent Matt Godbey said he told the owner to remove 25 mannequins from the basement in order to not frighten potential buyers.

This included life-sized statues from horror films such as “The Exorcist” and “Friday the 13th.”

The exterior of the home gives very few clues to what to expect when you enter the property, which has had more than 500,000 views on Redfin since being listed.

In the kitchen, black and white football jerseys have been arranged into the shape of a cross, alongside some helmets.

The living room has a black carpet and sofas, and several coffin-shaped fixtures including a clock, and some Gothic artwork.

Upstairs, the single bedroom features a black church pew and black chandelier, along with a bed surrounded by mirrors.

The listing states: “Come inspect this one of a kind rare home. Seller has made many improvements.”

It went viral on social media – where people were left confused by the fusion of sports memorabilia and horror.

One person tweeted: “I have soooooo many questions!” to which another open-mouthed viewer replied: “It’s truly my nightmare. I don’t even want to know.”

A second joked: “Sometimes the goth and the jock become friends.”

A third commented: “What happens when the Addams Family grandkids become social media influencers….”

Another added: “How would you describe the property?” “Oh, I’ve made it a shrine to the LA Raiders. And … death.”