Mum will post snaps of baby bump on OnlyFans for those with ‘pregnancy fetish’

A mum who claims to have made £40,000 by sharing sexy pictures on her OnlyFans account has said being pregnant won’t stop her from bringing in the money.

Carla Bellucci, 39, previously hit headlines in 2019 after claiming she’d faked depression to get a £7,000 nose job on the NHS and again last year when she said she wasn’t buying her children any Christmas gifts, but instead had spent £8,000 pampering herself.

Now she’s causing a stir once again after admitting she’ll sell snaps of her growing baby bump to those with a ‘pregnancy fetish’.

Speaking to The Sun, the mum-of-three from Hitchin, Herts, shared her plan to keep her OnlyFans account up and running.

She said: “I’m going to keep going with my OnlyFans. I reckon there’s a big market for people with pregnancy fetishes and at the end of the day, I still need to make money.

“People go on the beach in bikinis while they’re pregnant – what’s the difference? I’m not nude!”

Carla, who encourages her older children to be social media stars, went on to say that she and her partner have made the decision to keep photos of the baby off the internet when the little one is born – unless someone were to offer them “the right price”.

“I’d want a good magazine deal, I’d want around £15,000,” she admits. “I know it’s not loads of money, but I am not Katie Price so can’t ask for half a million just yet.”

The baby will be Carla’s fourth child and there will be a 19 year age gap between her oldest and youngest.

She adds that nobody was expecting this pregnancy – including herself.

Despite this, she and her partner, 51, say they are looking forward to being parents once again.