Woman had no idea how filthy her carpet really was until she used a spot cleaner

When it comes to cleaning our homes, we might think we’re doing a good job on the surface, but often there can be hidden dirt we don’t even know about.

We’ve recently seen a few TikTok videos in which homeowners discover their flooring and patio weren’t actually a dark colour – they were just really dirty.

Now a few users on the social media platform have found that their carpet is also a lot less clean than they initially thought.

A cleaning fan who posts under the name @cleanqueen_7 has uploaded a clip sharing her horror after having a go at her carpet with a Bissell spot cleaner.

In the video, the unnamed woman starts by showing the tool and her light brown coloured carpet.

She then proceeds to spot clean, moving the machine across the floor, injecting cleaning solution and water into the carpet and sucking it back up, along with any grime, as it goes.

It doesn’t look as if it’s done much, but at the end, she takes the water tank off of the spot cleaner and pours the contents into the sink.

Viewers can then see that the tank was filled with dirty, dark brown water and clumps of dirt.

The user captioned the video writing: “This is so satisfying but gross at the same time!”

In the video, she says “ew ew ew ew ew”, as the water is poured down the sink.

Her followers were equally as horrified by the results and seemed very keen to go and give their own carpets and rugs a good scrub after watching that.