Inside the T.Y. Hilton incentive package

Veteran receiver T.Y. Hilton will make $8 million guaranteed under his one-year contract with the Colts. He can make up to $2 million more via incentives.

Per a source with knowledge of the deal, the extra payments come from catches and receiving yards.

With 50 receptions, Hilton gets $250,000. At 60, another $250,000. At 70, another $250,000. If Hilton has 80 catches in 2021, he makes the full million.

For receiving yards, it’s $250,000 for 600 yards, another $250,000 for 700 yards, another $250,000 for 800 yards, and another $250,000 for 900 yards.

So if Hilton gets 80 or more catches and 900 or more yards, he makes the full $10 million.

All incentive payments are due on or about February 15, 2022.

He’s had 80 or more catches only three times in his career, and he’s had 900 or more yards six times. Last year, he had 56 catches for 762 yards, which would equate to an extra $750,000 under the 2021 formula.