McDonald’s fans astonished to learn McNuggets come in four different shapes

Aside from the Big Mac, if there’s one thing McDonald’s fans really love it’s the McNuggets.

But did you know that the chicken snack actually comes in four different shapes?

Well, it’s true, according to McDonald’s Canada.

An old YouTube video by the company from 2014 has resurfaced online, which shows how the iconic McNuggets are made.

The clip takes viewers behind-the-scenes in a factory, showing how the meat is blended and cut into four different shapes – a boot, bell, ball and bowtie.

The nuggets are then covered in batter and a second layer of thicker tempura batter before being part-fried and frozen, packaged up and sent off to the restaurants.

McDonald’s Canada explains that the McNugget shapes were designed with kids at heart, in order to make dipping them a little more fun.

“Our Chicken McNuggets are shaped uniquely for kids and kids at heart — it makes dipping more fun,” the company wrote in a post on their website, which has since been removed.

They went on to explain why there are only four different types of shape, saying: “Three would’ve been too few.

“Five would’ve been, like, wacky.”

Customers were shocked to discover that the McNuggets have shapes, with one person writing on Facebook : “Things I’ve learnt, there are four shapes!!! Mind is blown!”

“Never knew this,” admitted someone else.

A third said: “I knew they were different shapes but never knew it was an actual thing with names for them all lol.”

Someone else added: “The NAMES are REAL!!! I thought I’d made them up!!!”